The Soulful Therapist

I made it for you. The Soulful Therapist is a fusion of personality and soul. An adventure of curiosity and courage.

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The people who find me are smart and sensitive, often highly skilled in their areas of expertise (which includes parenting and loving others) and not average. People of compassion and creativity, quirky and intelligent with one thing in common. They have all woken up.

Curiosity, crisis, or sometimes a miracle, has woken them up to the possibility that this is not all there is. And the questions they daren’t speak aloud and are terrified to answer are “What is it all for?’ and “Why am I here?” 

And to each and every one of you, I say…

“Let’s assume you have a soul. Let’s assume there is something more than what you can see. Let’s assume that life is not a biochemical accident… that your life is not a mistake, but is in fact… deeply purposeful. Shall we begin?”